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Most homeowners cannot deny the fact they want their home to be absolutely comfortable. You can have the largest house on the block, but if it doesn’t feel comforting and homey-like, you may become affected. Harmonizing things centered around a philosophical system derived from the Chinese philosophical system practice.

Such practices act on the notion that the surrounding setting or environment take into account different ideas and considerations that it discusses an architectural element of design.

What has been called “the invisible forces” which bind or tie the universe, earth and humanity together as a whole, it also make’s your mental and physical body calmer, more at ease, less prone to pressure, stress, anxiety. Soothing and calm is the best way to describe a feng shui style home development.

(It’s relative link is Taoism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taoism)

Arranging your living space

It doesn’t cost anything. The elements of this age-old practice are absolutely free. It’s all based on design and certain small tasks that can make any environment feel free from “negative forces.”Homes across the world will be happier, calmer…,” when they follow these 3 feng shui tricks:

1. Cluttered rooms

Clutter in a room or patio space is a huge eye-sore. It feeds off the home’s strength because of the positive energy which gets blocked.

Positive energy gets blocked because of cluttered environments. Have you ever felt “cramped up in a room” or patio area with a cluttered outdoor furniture? The first place you see when you walk into a home or apartment should be minimal. Having less is more. Some things that should be kept to a minimal are photos, frames, and trinkets. All else remain in beautifully crafted vases, boxes, and baskets.

2. Prosperity area

When you are in a position that allows you to be financially independent, it helps you live a life free of worry and sometimes guilt from purchasing things for yourself or others. In feng shui, being prosperous is wonderful. In fact, setting up an area that infiltrates money towards your life is one possible interior design element of feng shui that can be implemented inside an area of your home.

Common sense tells you to locate your feng shui area for that prosperous energy you need. Create the space if you don’t have on already. You can not leave out finances. This is how you survive in this life. Colors, images, shapes, and items help “activate” specific elements; also, being creative with your own symbols of wealth can help.

3. Clean windows and oil the doors

The eyes of a home are the windows; the mouth of a home is the front door is its mouth. This is feng shui. In fact, you should maintain the “clarity of your space”, so as to be able to open, close, and lock whenever you please.

Fix or Toss Broken Things

When you fix things that are broken, it’s mentally satisfying. When you toss broken things that don’t need fixin’, it feels great. Some thing that should be tossed: chipped plates, burned-out bulbs, clothes not wearable, repair clocks which have stopped, drains that are clogged, loose cabinet pull…etc. can be a start. Write a list and check mark as you do one by one. It doesn’t have to done in a day, either. Bedrooms should be balanced. (see. http://www.hgtv.com/design/topics/feng-shui-style)

Focus on Color

Color is the most powerful Feng Shui technique, plus it’s the greatest one to utilize when painting a room that needs a mood altering color. It indeed has a great effect on people’s moods and emotions. Choose one of the colors that suits you, then you can go from there to paint your living area such as your bedroom, bathroom, living room…etc.


It’s associated with the fire elements of feng shui. The most vibrant and visible color in the color palette. It evokes excitement, passion, and sometimes anger. When to utilize this color depends on you. If you need an energy boost daily, this is a great color to have in a bedroom; although it doesn’t have to be the entire room. Look at these examples, see http://www.marthastewart.com/274785/red-rooms#229922

For those seeking a passionate love life, red is a great color to paint in any given room. Don’t paint red in an area that gets the sunlight (also, where arguments are “prone to break out”).


Both optimistic yellow and passionate red make the spirited color orange. For some reason it makes people come closer together in spirit. People tend to express themselves more with this color around; this includes feelings of no fear and the spirit of being able to communicate. It keeps people together in the spirit of harmony.

Whenever a diverse group is in the same room, orange is said to be a good backdrop color. You can paint your living room which has hints of the color incorporated. Wherever this color is, it’s an ideal color to use in common areas like the kitchen or living rooms. If you want the family blended together, this is a great color to use.


Yellow is associated with cheerfulness and the sun. It’s also one of those colors that have an energetic blend of life. You spirits will be lifted when you’re surrounded by the color. It’s perfect for the kitchen or for the study area. It’s also symbolic when it comes to human aging. So, if you want to stay young and feel it…stay away from this color yellow. Honey wheat or goldenrod in bedrooms is a good color for those suffering from depression and health setbacks. There’s also those shades of yellow which are for improved physical strengths.


Green means growth and it’s association with the wood element also brings adventure and changes; this included is an inspiration. It’s ideal for the library of one’s dwelling or even the exercise room. If you ever feel your idling in one spot, incorporate this color into your life. Especially if you have trouble focusing on others. If you are struggling with cancer, avoid the green color.


Blue is associated with the ocean and sky, plus it’s the reflection and relaxation of it that people with anxiety use. It helps ease it. If you want to relax and be yourself it’s perfect. It’s perfect for the bathroom. It’s also associated with release and renewal. Although you should stay away from the color blue if your connecting with those who are prone to depression, especially if you can’t seem to get through them.

Finally, if you go by utilizing the Feng Shui elements such as painting specific rooms a certain color, tossing out certain things which you were supposed to do years ago…to name a few, your life will see some changes. It takes a while to get used to change, but eventually, it’ll soon come to pass as feng shui has for many these past few centuries.