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So, you have taken the big jump and finally decided to list your house on the market. Good for you! It can take a lot of courage to do that, especially when there are no guarantees in the housing market. Now it is time to clean up your home and make it look nice for potential buyers. However, sometimes the case arises when certain rooms are lacking important pieces of furniture. For example, when you have already purchased a new home, and so have already packed all your belongings. How can you stage a room this way? Specifically, how can you stage a bedroom without a bed? Read on to find out!

Make a Fake Bed

Despite popular belief, this does actually happen in the real estate world! It has been shown that a house is more likely to sell if there is furniture already in it. This is because it is easier for the buyer to envision their belongings in the space instead of yours. You can create a fake bed for staging out of handmade items if you like. For example, placing an air mattress on top of a table or a few boxes is a good way to create the illusion of a bed. All you have to do is add a sheet on top. It doesn’t matter if it is not a real bed because the buyer just needs to see that their bed could fit in that space.

Use a Mattress

Sometimes it is not necessary for an entire bed to be set up while staging a bedroom. If you even have a mattress on the floor, it is easier for the buyers to picture their own bed being set up in the same spot. If the buyers know that you have already purchased another house, they will understand the situation, and not think that you are just trying to save money by sleeping without a bed frame or have some obvious budget mattress.

Create a Different Focal Point

Usually, the bed is the main focal point in a bedroom. However, we know that this will not be the case if there is no bed in the room! Therefore, we will have to draw the buyer’s attention to something else. One example would be to add a nice plant to the room and place it in front of the window. The light will fall onto the leaves and will illuminate the beautiful colors. This will also add the effect of an interestingly shaped shadow on the other way, which can create intrigue. If the bedroom is large, you could also create a small seating area in the room. Add a couple armchairs, or a loveseat in a section of the room, so that the buyers can see how much available space there really is.

Make the Room Feel Large and Airy

If there is no bed in the room, buyers may worry that there will not be enough space for theirs. You can alleviate this worry by making the room look as large as it possibly can. You can do this by removing any large and bulky furniture that may have been left in the room. You can replace this with a smaller version that fits the space better. As well, make sure that there is plenty of light coming into the room. Use curtains of light material, and check to see that the lighting is not burned out. A light room will offer so much more potential than a dark one. Even if the room is smaller than the buyer would have liked, they will be able to see past this if there is at least an opportunity to create a tranquil and airy space for themselves.

Add Color to the Imagination

Having color in the bedroom is important while staging. It allows the buyers to understand that they can use their imaginations when they are decorating it for themselves. They will have a higher likelihood of visualizing their own furniture, and the design that they will be creating. They will also be able to look past your furniture (or lack of furniture). Having colours brightens up both the room and the minds of any potential buyers.


Staging a house can be a nerve-wracking experience. You will overthink every little detail and worry that people will not even show up. The first step is to take a deep breath and calm down. Just clean the house thoroughly so that no dirt or clutter remain. If you happen to be staging your bedroom and there is no bed, don’t panic. Just go back and review a few of the tips that have been recommended for this very situation. In the end, you will hopefully have several very impressed potential buyers walking through your home!