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The World Trade Centre Association or the WTCA aims towards stimulating theTRADE AND INVESTMENT opportunities for those companies who are into the field of real estate and property development.

WTCA is interested in working with those companies which are working for the economic welfare and development. There are many international business organizations they have collaborated with, those who wish to establish themselves at a global level and at the same time flourish in the local market. The WTCA provides opportunities for the real estate companies from all over the world to execute world-class projects, using their brand name

There are numerous companies which have tied up with The World Trade Centre Association and they are located in more than 90 countries. Over 15,000 WTC professionals are supporting these companies in order to help then the strategic and economic goal.

Noida A New Destination for the WTC

For the last couple of years, Noida has been in the limelight for the development it has made in the commercial sector. Today, Noida is one of the prime destinations for different kinds of professionals from all over the country. The World Trade Centre Association will be launching its latest real estate project in Noida, which would add more to the process of economic boom in this region. The WTC Noida offers a lot in terms of economic and infrastructure development of Noida and its nearby areas.

Located on the Yamuna Expressway, the WTC Noida would be a landmark project. It would not only build residential complex but at the same time would develop shopping malls, sports complexes, colleges and many others. The World Trade Center Noida is going to play an instrumental role towards the overall development in this region. It would help provide employment and would attract more talents from all corners of the country.

What WTC has to Offer in Noida?

In terms of the volume and magnitude of the project, it would be a huge one. This project would be developed on the Yamuna Expressway and hence can be easily accessible from Delhi, Gurgaon and other nearby areas. Here is a list of what this project has to offer

  • Management and Engineering colleges which would add to the educated and skilled professionals in this region
  • The Gautama Buddha University is to be launched through this project. This University would cover an area of more than 200 acres
  • World-class shopping malls with all the modern facilities and amenities.
  • Top-notch residential units which would have all the facilities to lead a comfortable life
  • Sporting complexes along with an F1 track
  • The WTC Noida Phase 3 will be connected by various channels of transportation

The WTC Noida Phase 3 has so many different things to offer. It is undoubtedly going to be a game changer for this part of the country. The World Trade Center Noida project would be built in collaboration with an Indian company with an investment of millions of dollars. This project has received the green signal from the Indian Government and the initial phases of the operation are well underway.

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