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The World Trade Center Association is about to launch one of its project in India. They have already spotted the site and are about to commence the work. For those who are not aware about World Trade Center Association or the WTCA, It is one of the most trusted names in the domain of Global real estate market. They have their presence in more than 90 countries and have tied up with more than 300 companies to execute their projects in different parts of the world. They also aim to help the local companies to use their brand name and establish themselves in the global market.

Why Noida?

India is a big country and there are many areas which they could have chosen for their project. Why Noida? Well, there are quite a few reasons which have influenced their decision. Here are a couple of them

  • Location: Noida is located at a very close proximity to the National Capital of Delhi and hence, it would attract a lot of investors
  • The Economic Factor: Noida is already a prosperous and booming area in terms of economic development.
  • The Demand: This is one part of the country which can afford a project of such a high budget

What does the Project consist of?

The World Trade Center Noida project consists of lots of things. It has many things to offer which would, in turn, contribute towards the economic and social development in this region. The fact that they are planning to develop a mega city means, that there would be a huge employment opportunity; not only as long as the project is on, but also after the completion of the project there would new avenues for employment for the people of Noida and in the Delhi NCR region.  The World Trade Center Noida project would offer a highly advanced mega city which would contain all the modern facilities. It would consist of shopping malls, residential complexes, sporting areas, universities, colleges and others. Therefore, it can be quite easily assessed what the WTC Noida project to offer. This megacity would be located near the Yamuna Expressway which would make it easily accessible from Delhi NCR and other nearby regions. The Yamuna Expressway would act as a lifeline to the WTC Noida project. This is another important reason as to why they have selected WTC Noida Phase 3 to be their location

The Mega City

It has already been mentioned what the WTC Noida Phase 3 would consist of. Here is a brief account

  • It would consist of Management and Engineering colleges and a 250 acre land would be allocated for the Gautama Buddha University
  • Numerous Sporting Complexes with a F1 track
  • Residential units
  • Shopping malls
  • Office complexes. It is developing office space for the largest IT-BPO in the country

According to NASSCOM, this mega city would contribute to 10% of the total export of the country.

The World trade Center Megacity at Noida is one of the biggest projects which has been launched in the India real estate domain

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